Restaurant Review: Mooo Restaurant – Beacon Hill| Boston

Oh MOOO, definitely one of those bad restaurant week experiences that I dread (so more like booo). Mooo belongs to the Columbus Hospitality group, which also owns Mistral and Sorellina, two restaurants which I absolutely adore. But the experience at Mooo during lunch is VERY subpar, not like what I expected at all.

Moo is located in the financial district/ Beacon Hill area, a stone throw away from Marliave which I had a great experience at last week ( . Great location, great decor but those are probably all the great things there are.
Firstly, the speed of service. I felt hurried, almost as if they were trying to get us out of the restaurant. I know efficiency is good; who doesn’t want their food to arrive quickly, but then in this case, they brought the main entrees while we were still having our appetizers, and all of the sudden, making the table very crowded, and I felt as if I had to quickly finish my app to make space for the mains. Big no-no.
Then about the food, I think my friend left half of her Chilled Corn Soup lump crab garnish, poblano pepper oil, and half of her steak frites as well. I got the Steak Tartare hand chopped, grilled flatbread, which is acceptable, and Pan Seared Faroe Island Salmon native corn succotash, which is in my opinion, quite salty. I definitely had to drink some water to get rid of the salty flavor at some point.We both had Native Strawberry Shortcake mascarpone whipped cream for desserts and we both agree that the shortcake could have been a little lighter/ fluffier/sweeter.
And talking about water, the waiter asked us still or sparkling? We said still water and apparently that means still bottled water, not still tap water. And we didn’t even see an unopened still bottled water, just the “communal” water bottle they use to fill up water at different tables. I mean I can’t tell whether that’s actually bottled water or tap water. And we were charged 10$ + tax for it. This only became clear at the end of the meal, by the way, so that just left me with a very bad impression and unsatisfactory feeling. One should be happy, content and grateful by the end of the meal! Also, the waiter said: “I will talk to the manager about it” when we mentioned about the water. I gave him my card, and he came back like 10 seconds later, with a bill where we were still charged for the water, and also not even mentioning what his manager said. Or did he even talk to the manager?
URGH. Well, at least my friend’s humor made up for the bad experience.
But yes, I would give Mooo a 1.5 out of 5. Definitely not worth visiting
P/S: Don’t be fooled by the pictures. I am good at taking food photos lol

Mooo- Pan Seared Faroe Island Salmon native corn succotash Mooo_  Steak Tartare hand chopped, grilled flatbread,


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